HQbird Prices

IBSurgeon HQbird is an advanced version of Firebird for big databases, with the following list of features: optimized configurations, high availability (clustering, mirroring) and replication, backups automation, cloud backups, database health monitoring, transactions and queries monitoring (TraceAPI, MON$), database structure analysis, and recovery toolset.

HQbird License (per server) $899
Annual maintenance (all upgrades and configuration support) + 20% of licenses price (can opt-in during purchase) +$199/year
If you already have old version of HQbird, see Upgrade Options.  

Pricing for large number of servers

What will be the price of HQbird for a company that needs to use not 1 or 2 servers, but several hundred or even thousands of installations?

If the number of servers is more than 20, purchasing permanent licenses (USD$899/server) becomes too expensive. That's why we offer HQbird Unlimited Subscription for large companies and for software development companies .

HQbird Unlimited Subscription costs USD$1200/month (or USD$13450/year with upfront payment), for the annual contract (please note, that regional pricing can be different). 

This is a special license for software development companies that allows you to install and use an unlimited number of HQbird copies along with business applications (ERP, CRM, etc) produced by the company.

For example, if a company has 40 clients (servers), then the subscription will cost USD$1200/month, that is, approximately $30 per client per month. If the software development company has 400 clients, then the cost for 1 client per month will be $3 per month. 

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