Firebird Support Service

IBSurgeon provides subscription-based support for Firebird databases. This service includes database/system administration in support of database backups, maintenance, high availability (replication), statistics analysis, recovery, and monitoring.
HQbird replication

Monitoring of Firebird database and automation of backups

The qualified IBSurgeon DBAs will setup Firebird backups, tune configuration, and install monitoring tools (license is included in the subscription). They will permanently monitor important Firebird parameters to prevent failures and outages.
All kinds of backups (full, incremental, cloud/FTP backup, VM level backup, and their combination) are supported.
In case of any problems with Firebird database or its backups, with the server environment, or errors in the database log, the monitoring tool will send appropriate alerts.
Proactive monitoring allows the fixing of all issues before they become critical.

HQbird optimization

Remote desktop and instant messenger support

In a case of a serious problem, our engineers will connect to the server through remote desktop (TeamViewer, SSH, RDP, etc), or communicate through the instant messenger (Skype, etc) and resolve any Firebird problem with configuration, maintenance, or recovery.

Our DBAs also perform all necessary maintenance operations: backup (normally it is automated, but sometimes it requires manual operations), restore, sweep automation and its control, a monthly analysis of database statistics and applying updates for Firebird and IBSurgeon software. Backups, restores, and monthly analysis is made according to a database maintenance plan, developed in collaboration with the customer, and approved by both customer and IBSurgeon.


HQbird Backups

Failover Firebird solution

HQbird Enterprise toolset is included in the support subscription: it is the reliable and easy way to set up a failover solution for Firebird, based on the native asynchronous replication. The failover solution does not require changes in the database structure (no triggers, etc), the only requirement is the primary or unique key for replicated tables.
With HQbird Enterprise it is possible to set up a mirror (warm standby) of the production database, on the one or several replica servers, with close to real-time synchronization, in the local network or in the distributed environment.

Such a mirror can protect from the following problems:

  1. Hardware failures. In the case of hardware failure on the main server which led to the database corruption, it is possible to switch to the second server or restore a database from the standby without losses of data.
  2. Ransomware or another virus attack – the mirror of the database is stored on the backup server, or at IBSurgeon premises ( free option)
  3. Human factor/maladministration. Even if the main database or server will be intentionally destroyed, there will be a reliable offsite copy.

Subscription plans

There are the following subscription plans for Firebird (versions 2.5, 3.0, 4.0) database support, for the new clients only (old support contracts are valid till the expiration):
What is covered Small  Medium Enterprise
Number of supported main servers
(no more than 2 databases per server), replica is included
1-2 From 3 to 10 From 11 
Database size <100Gb Unlimited Unlimited
HQbird Enterprise included for the period of support Yes Yes Yes
Warm standby (native replication) configuration and installation support Included Included Included
Backups & Monitoring Included Included Included
Recovery Included Included Included
DBA hours/month 2 6 On-demand
Price per month, USD $199 $599 Request quote

* Small plan is applicable for databases less than 100Gb in size. If database size > 100Gb, please request an individual quote.

These subscription plans are valid since July 1, 2021. Old support subscription plans are valid for existing customers only.