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     FBScanner 3: performance optimization, logging and audit for Firebird and InterBase

In case of emergency

STEP 1: Diagnose your database
Download our free tool to diagnose corrupted database. Open your corrupted database and choose "Diagnose" to get diagnostics log.
Download IBFirstAID Diagnostician to diagnose and then fix Firebird or InterBase database

STEP 2: Send us error text and logs
We need firebird.log, full error text (or screenshot) and IBFirstAID diagnostics log. You can send this info by email support@ib-aid.com or via online form:
Featured product
IBSurgeon Pack

All recovery tools in 1!
IBSurgeon Pack is a complete recovery solution for Firebird and InterBase to recover databases, backups and undelete records, and also analyze general database problems.
This is the best choice of experienced developers and IT professionals: it includes FBFirstAID, IBFirstAID, IBBackupSurgeon Pro, IBUndelete and IBAnalyst.

IBSurgeon FirstAID 3.7 is released

IBSurgeon is glad to announce the new version of Firebird and InterBase database recovery tool: FirstAID 3.7. FirstAID 3.7 introduces new approaches in the database recovery and many new features.
Upgrades are available!

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Recovery products

Complete set of recovery products for InterBase and Firebird database and backups.

Are you close to the corruption? Read white paper "Firebird and InterBase corruptions reasons":

Firebird and InterBase Corruption reasons
Optimization and Profiling

Profiling SQL queries and SQL traffic logging for Firebird and InterBase, database statistics analysis.

Oleg Matveyev, chief developer of FBScanner:
"We decided to give FBScanner its name because it helps to identify and resolve so many problems with Firebird and InterBase that can be compared only with NMR-scanner in medicine."

Dmitry Kuzmenko, CEO IBSurgeon:
"There is no performance issue with Firebird we are not able to track, identify and fix with our 3 tools: FBScanner, IBAnalyst and FBDataGuard."

Database availability and protection

Proactive protection from corruptions, monitoring of databases health and environment.

Firebird DataGuard adds to Firebird enterprise-class stability and confidence. Be sure that your database is healthy:

  • Data and indices are Ok
  • Alerts and recommendations
  • Automated maintenance
FBDataGuard can be embedded into third-party applications to improve their stability and to help end-users maintain Firebird in the right way.