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Emergency recovery

Learn how to improve performance of your Firebird databases, organize efficient backups and maintenance and prevent corruptions with IBSurgeon tools subscription. Contact us now! To recover corrupted Firebird (or InterBase) databases (with size less than 50Gb) use IBSurgeon FirstAID - the best recovery tool for Firebird and InterBase.
For databases more than 50Gb in size please contact our support.

IBSurgeon Enterprise Pack

  1. IBSurgeon Enterprise Pack is an ultimate recovery and optimization toolset for Firebird administration, recovery, backups and optimization. New license: €549, upgrade: €299.
  2. Recovery: IBSurgeon FirstAID is the tool that can automatically diagnose and repair corrupted InterBase or Firebird databases - it can repair corruptions that neither gbak nor gfix can handle.Other recovery tools are IBBackupSurgeon (to export data from corrupted backups) and IBUndelete (to undelete occasionally deleted data).
  3. Monitoring and backups: FBDataGuard is an enterprise monitoring and maintenance tool to watch for the database health, make scheduled backups and prevent corruptions. FBDataGuard monitors 20+ parameters of Firebird server and database, and sends email alerts in case of actual or potential problems. 
  4. Performance optimization. FBScanner is an ultimate trace, logging and audit tool. It supports Firebird 1.0-2.5 and InterBase 4.x-XE3. FBMonLooger is a tool to analyze monitoring tables and quickly find slow queries and long-running transactions.
  5. Database structure and capacity planning. IBAnalyst helps to understand how data are stored inside databases: garbage record versions, effectiveness of indices, and how much space is occupied by the certain tables and indices. This knowledge gives an ability to plan hardware ugrades and maintenance.

Latest Posts

New IBSurgeon free tool: Response Checker

We are glad to announce general availability of the new IBSurgeon free tool – IBSurgeon Response Checker.  Response Checker runs SQL query periodically and measures its response time, so it is easy to see periods of slowness.
IBSurgeon Response Checker is a part of IBSurgeon Free Tools, which also contains LogViewer (tool to view large firebird.log files) and DBInfo (tool to analyse database pages structure). 
You can find more details about IBSurgeon Free Tools and download them from our web-site: http://ib-aid.com/en/ibsurgeon-free-tools/

New IBSurgeon free tool: Response Checker

We are glad to announce general availability of the new IBSurgeon free tool – IBSurgeon Response Checker

BTBurada - our new partner in Turkey

BTBurada, one of the leading IT distributors in Turkey, became IBSurgeon's partner.

Firebird Conference 2014 report

Presentations and report from Firebird Conference 2014

FBMonLogger 1.5 is released

FBMonLogger, a tool to analyse Firebird monitoring tables and find slow queries, long running transactions and other performance problems, is released.

Free upgrade: IBSurgeon FBDataGuard 3.1

Release of new version ( 3.1) of Firebird backup, monitoring and anti-corruption tool

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